• Pro triathlete
  • Proud mama to Finn‏
  • 5x IM France winner
  • Winner Embrunman
  • Winner of IM 70.3 Ireland, IM 70.3 Puerto Rico & IM 70.3 Pays d’Aix, Challenge Geraardsbergen
  • Giving Back ambassador


Tine 21st in Ironman Hawaii

13/10/2018: Tine has finished 21st in the 2018 Ironman Hawaii. With a final time of 9:17:21, Tine broke her personal record in the Ironman World Championship. Unfortunately, in a superfast edition, that was not enough


#imhawaii: smiling after clocking in her best time ever in Kona. Just as long as we don’t ask her to move 🙂

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