Tine 21st in Ironman Hawaii

13/10/2018: Tine has finished 21st in the 2018 Ironman Hawaii. With a final time of 9:17:21, Tine broke her personal record in the Ironman World Championship. Unfortunately, in a superfast edition, that was not enough for the top-10 finish Tine had aimed for. Still, Tine was pleased: “I raced faster than I had planned and hoped for. I was outstanding in the water and on the bike. I did everything I could have. The women in front of me were simply faster.” Tine went to Hawaii feeling good in the water. On race day, her swim did not disappoint. She

Tine fifth in shortened Ironman 70.3 Zell am See

26/8/2018: Tine has finished fifth in today’s Ironman 70.3 Zell am See. It was Tine's last race before the World Championship Ironman in Hawaii. Unfortunately, snow on the bike course shortened the race to a swim/run. This meant Tine knew in advance that her result would not be representative of her overall strength. She chose to participate anyway to get the swim and run training in for Kona. In that respect, her performance today was particularly promising.   Laura Philipp from Germany won the race in a time of 1:47:03, beating out Barbara Riveros (Chile 1:48:53) and Alexandra Tondeur (Belgium;

Tine second in Ironman 70.3 Dún Laoghaire

19/8/2018: It’s a silver medal for Tine in the 2018 Ironman 70.3 Dún Laoghaire! With a final time of 4:49:31, Tine finished less than 90 seconds behind Emma Pallant (UK; 4:48:02). Amber Ferreira (USA) completed the top-3 with a time of 5:04:01.   Dún Laoghaire was Tine’s first race after injuring her shoulder in June, coming down “De Muur” in Challenge Geraardsbergen. Questions lingered. Had her shoulder healed completely? Would she hold back in the bike course descents? The swim brought the first bit of good news: no problems with the shoulder. Putting in a decent swim, she came out

Tine ninth in Ironman Texas

28/4/2018: Tine has finished ninth in today’s Ironman Texas. For Tine, it was a frustrating season opener that left no room for a better result. Melissa Hauschildt (Australia; 8:31:04) took the win. Jodie Robertson (US; 8:43:15) and Leslie Smith (US; 8:43:51) completed the podium. Tine’s final time was 8:57:33.   When former swimmer Lauren Brandon has signed up for a race, the other pro women know in advance that they will come out of the water trailing big time. Texas was no different. Brandon motored through the swim course, passing quite a few men. Meredith Kessler followed in second, more

Tine second in Ironman Argentina

3/12/2017: With a second-place finish in today’s Ironman Argentina, Tine has wrapped up a superb season. Sarah Piampiano (USA; 9:11:03) won the race. Magali Tisseyre (Canada; 9:24:37) came in third. Tine’s final time was 9:19:22. She closes out 2017 with victories in the Challenge Geraardsbergen, the Alpe d'Heuz Triathlon and the Embrunman; she took second place in Ironman Italy and Ironman Argentina. These last two results put her in an excellent position towards qualifying for the 2018 Ironman Hawaii.   Dede Griesbauer made her mark on the race from the start, recording the fastest swim. While the American threw herself

Tine sixth in Challenge Sardinia

29/10/2017: Tine has finished sixth in today's Forte Village Challenge in Sardinia. Heather Wurtele (Canada) took the title. Laura Siddall (UK/Australia) and Marta Bernardi (Italy) completed the podium. It has been a successful, but long season for Tine. And Sardinia made her feel it. Tine was doing well in the early stages of the swim, but after she (involuntarily) got slapped a few times by another swimmer, she had to stop for a second while a leading group took off. She came out of the water in ninth position, four minutes behind Santamaria. The Italian was followed by a chase

Tine second in Ironman Italy

23/9/2017: Tine has finished second in the 2017 Ironman Italy. Lucy Gossage of the UK took the title in 09:06:39. Tine’s final time was 09:13:35. Marta Bernardi (Italy; 09:20:04) completed the top three. With this podium finish added to her victories in the Challenge Geraardsbergen, the Alpe d'Heuz Triathlon and the Embrunman, Tine has already made it a stellar 2017. What is more, she got off to good start in her goal for this fall: collecting maximum points for the 2018 Ironman Hawaii. It does not happen often, but Tine was in the lead group the entire swim leg. She

Tine wins Embrunman

15/8/2017: Tine has won the 2017 Embrunman, possibly the toughest long-distance triathlon in the world. Tine completed the 3.8 km swim, 188 km bike leg climbing through the Alps and 43 km run in 10:51:14. Carrie Lester (Australia; 10:54:36) came in second, Charlotte Morel (France; 11:04:19) completed the podium. Tine has won all three of her summer races. In July, she took the Challenge Geraardsbergen and the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon titles. “I am so happy,” said Tine after the race. But she had to dig deep physically and mentally. “It hurt the entire time. This race really is so very

Tine wins Challenge Geraardsbergen

2/7/2017: Tine has won the 2017 Challenge Geraardsbergen. As an ambassador for this first Belgian Challenge (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike leg, 21 km run), Tine had come to Geraardsbergen to win in front of a home crowd. Clocking in at 4:26:00, she was a few minutes faster than Sarissa de Vries (The Netherlands; 04:31:06) and Margie Santamaria (Italy; 04:35:05).   A typical swim for Tine, leaving the water a little over two minutes behind de Vries and Santamaria. Despite a false start – she lost her bottle and Garmin leaving T1 – Tine looked good on the bike

Tine third in Ironman 70.3 Italy

18/6/2017: Tine has wrapped up a training camp in the French Alps with a podium spot in today's Ironman 70.3 Italy. Her final time was 4:26:06. Lisa Hütthaler (Austria; 4:24:25)  beat Camilla Lindholm (Sweden; 4:24:28) in a sprint for the victory. The race was part of Tine's preparation for the Challenge Geraardsbergen on July 2nd and the toughest-of-all Embrunman on August 15th. A windy day in Pescara and strong currents made for a shortened swim. Tine came out of the water in fourth position. With a time of 19:18, she was less than three minutes behind fastest swimmer Donat. After a

Tine fifth in Ironman 70.3 Barcelona

21/5/2017: Tine has finished fifth in today’s Ironman 70.3 Barcelona. Her final time was 04:48:35. Emma Pallant (UK; 04:40:03) took the title. Natalie Seymour (UK; 04:43:06) and Charlotte Morel (France; 04:45:53) rounded out the top-three.   Only four weeks after the tough Ironman Texas, Barcelona came too soon for Tine to be in top shape. The main goal was to get into the competitive groove again going into the crucial weeks and months ahead.   Tine came out of the water in tenth position, 4:37 behind fastest swimmer Jameson. A quick (2:46:38) bike leg allowed her to start the half

Tine fifth in Ironman Texas

22/04/2017: Tine has finished fifth in the 2017 Ironman North-American Championship Texas. Jodie Robertson (US; 8:56:32) took the title. Michaela Herlbauer (Austria; 8:59:31) and Maja Stage-Nielsen (Denmark; 9:01:00) completed the podium. Tine’s final time was 9:06:08. “The new generation is here and it is strong, but I will be ready.”   Last month, Tine crashed into a volunteer during the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico. She left the island with a slap lesion and severe shoulder contusions. She was unable to lift her arm and thus swim for three weeks. Still, after a good training camp in Lanzarote with a ton of

Tine out and injured in Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico

19/03/2017: The new tri season got to an unfortunate start for Tine. She was forced to retire from the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico after a collision with a volunteer. At an aid station along the bike course, volunteers were picking up bottles discarded by age group athletes. Some of them did not notice the pro athtletes returning from the opposite direction. Tine was able to warn one volunteer, but hit the next one with her shoulder going 40km/hour. She was able to stay on her bike, but her shoulder was hit too hard to continue. Tine had been looking forward to defending her

Tine fourth in Ironman 70.3 Bahrain

10/12/2016: Tine has finished fourth in the 2016 Bahrain half Ironman. She completed the 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike leg and half marathon in 4:15:43, just barely missing out on a podium spot. The victory went to Sarah Crowley (Australia; 4:10:59). Emma Pallant (UK; 4:12:25) and Caroline Steffen (Switzerland; 4:15:08) rounded out the top three. Bahrain was the final race of an outstanding 2016. Tine became the first woman ever to win Ironman Nice for the fifth time (with a bike record, no less). She also won two half Ironman races (Puerto Rico and Pays d'Aix) and took silver

Tine second in Challenge Sardinia

30/10/2016: Tine has finished second in the 2016 Challenge Forte Village in Sardinia. She completed the half distance triathlon (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike leg and 21 km run) in 4:35:04. Sara Dossena (Italy; 4:32:37) took the win. Michelle Vesterby (Denmark; 4:36:02) completed the podium. Tine started out with a solid swim. She came out of the water in sixth position, 2:30 behind the first swimmer. However, Tine was clearly the strongest of the pack on the bike. After 20 kilometers she had overtaken the lead. And after the full 90 kilometers she rode into T2 with more than