13/10/2018: Tine has finished 21st in the 2018 Ironman Hawaii. With a final time of 9:17:21, Tine broke her personal record in the Ironman World Championship. Unfortunately, in a superfast edition, that was not enough for the top-10 finish Tine had aimed for. Still, Tine was pleased: “I raced faster than I had planned and hoped for. I was outstanding in the water and on the bike. I did everything I could have. The women in front of me were simply faster.”

Tine went to Hawaii feeling good in the water. On race day, her swim did not disappoint. She clocked in at 58:28, less than the hour she had set as her goal and her fastest swim ever in Hawaii. “I felt super strong in the ocean. I even managed to close a gap, which I have never been able to do”, said Tine. She was equally strong on the bike. “I’ve never cranked out a wattage this high here. I recorded my fastest bike split ever in Kona, and yet I could not move up more than three places, from place 22 to 19. That also gives an idea of ​​how fast this race was.” On to the run then. In the first half of the marathon, Tine was able to stick to the plan, and even ran in 17thposition for a while. But then the heat started to take its toll and Tine fell back a little. “The Queen K really cooked me and I struggled in the end. So I guess my run could have been better, but other than that, I just don’t see much room for improvement. It was just a very fast year. Now I am going to recover from this beast of a race, go on vacation and start planning 2019.”

After another dominant performance, Swiss title defender Daniela Ryf took the title with a final time of 8:26:18. Lucy Charles (UK; 8:36:34) and Anne Haug (Germany; 8:41:58) completed the top-3.