27/4/2019: Tine has finished fifth in today’s Marbella half Ironman. Her final time was 4:49:14. Defending champion Laura Philipp (Germany; 4:28:56) made it a repeat victory, as Nina Derron (Switzerland; 4:39:13) and Marta Bernardi (Italy; 4:44:09) came in second and third respectively.


The pro women kicked off their race this morning at 7:41, a day earlier than planned because of tomorrow’s parliamentary elections. It soon became clear that a strong swim was not in the cards for Tine. She got separated from the group almost immediately, coming out of the water in 11th position, almost five minutes behind fastest swimmer Otworowska. While Philipp took over the lead in the bike leg and made for a solo break, Tine was also able to move up a few places. But it wasn’t easy. She entered T2 in seventh position, trailing Philipp by 11 minutes. In a solid half marathon Tine was able to move up two spots to finish in the top five.


“Better than the season opener in Salou three weeks ago, but I still have my work cut out for me,” Tine said after the race. “I mean, I like my fifth-place finish, but what I take away from this race first and foremost is that my swimming and cycling are not good enough yet. On the other hand, I have to be grateful that I was even able to compete in this race, because a week ago I took a bad spill during my training camp in France. I flew over my handlebars and did a summersault I think, with a broken helmet and quite a few scrapes as a result. It could have been much worse. I still felt it today, but I think my poor swimming and cycling were more a result of my condition not being there yet. This is a deceptively tough race. If you want to win here, you have to be in winning shape. And I wasn’t yet today. Of course, that is why I do these races early in the season, to build that conditioning for the big ones, Ironman France and the Embrunman. But I would have loved to feel stronger today. At least I know what I have to work on in the coming weeks! ”