12/5/2019: Tine has finished fifth in today’s Pays d’Aix half Ironman. Her final time was 4:35:34. The race produced an all-British podium with Emma Pallant (4:19:56) as the victor. Nikki Bartlett (4:25:15) beat India Lee (4:25:30) in a sprint for second place.


The first weeks of the season brought a tough, elusive search for that strong racing condition for Tine. With that in mind, Tine said during her pre-race interview, “I always do well in France. I really hope I can find my good bike legs here.” But first there was the swim, which Tine executed reasonably well. Unfortunately, the rest was much faster. Tine came out of the water in ninth position, four minutes behind India Lee. She didn’t let that discourage her, especially when she turned out to have indeed found those good bike legs. Tine steadily worked her way up and was able to start the half marathon in fifth position. The tough running course put an end to Tine’s push forward, but she was able to hold on without losing her place in the top-five.


“This is such a boost after a difficult few weeks. And having a good feeling after the kind of tough, fair race that I love, is worth a lot. If I am able to train well in the coming weeks, then I should be okay for Ironman Nice,” Tine said after the race. “I didn’t swim poorly today, but those athletes who have made the switch from the short distance are so very fast in the water, too fast for me. Arriving in an empty transition zone is tough, but I didn’t let my head down. I wanted to feel strong on the bike and that actually did happen. I was able to push a nice wattage. I held back a little in the last 20 kilometers because there was a strong wind that made the descents dangerous. Langridge and McBride fell, which made me a little risk-averse. My run was not great, also because I was dealing with stomach cramps, but not to the extent that I am worried about it. Now I just have a few days to rest and train, because Barcelona half Ironman is up next week.”