26/8/2018: Tine has finished fifth in today’s Ironman 70.3 Zell am See. It was Tine’s last race before the World Championship Ironman in Hawaii. Unfortunately, snow on the bike course shortened the race to a swim/run. This meant Tine knew in advance that her result would not be representative of her overall strength. She chose to participate anyway to get the swim and run training in for Kona. In that respect, her performance today was particularly promising.


Laura Philipp from Germany won the race in a time of 1:47:03, beating out Barbara Riveros (Chile 1:48:53) and Alexandra Tondeur (Belgium; 1:50:30). Tine’s final time was 1:53:16.


The weather forecast had called for cold and wet conditions. Still, waking up to snow was quite the surprise. It didn’t take long before the news came that the bike leg was cancelled because it was just too dangerous for the participants. For Tine, that meant finishing on the podium had become impossible before the race had even started. She always makes the difference in the bike leg. Still, she wanted compete and not miss out on that important swim and run prep for Ironman Hawaii. And that swim was excellent. She actually recorded her best swim of the year, coming out of the water in fourth position only 2:30 behind fastest swimmer Weiss. The half marathon went as hard as expected. While Tine had to let the strongest runners go, she set a very strong pace to take an unexpected fifth place.


“I have never run as well as I did today. And my swimming was better than it has been all season,” said Tine. “If the bike leg had not been canceled, I would have probably finished on the podium. But the decision to cancel the bike leg was the right one. It really was too dangerous. Now it effectively was a race for the superfast runners. So I took off superfast and tried to keep a strong pace. The fact that I was able to do that, makes this race a success. My conditioning is back. I feel really strong, just in time for Hawaii. Next up I have three weeks of altitude training, which should really put me on the right track for Kona.”