3/12/2017: With a second-place finish in today’s Ironman Argentina, Tine has wrapped up a superb season. Sarah Piampiano (USA; 9:11:03) won the race. Magali Tisseyre (Canada; 9:24:37) came in third. Tine’s final time was 9:19:22. She closes out 2017 with victories in the Challenge Geraardsbergen, the Alpe d’Heuz Triathlon and the Embrunman; she took second place in Ironman Italy and Ironman Argentina. These last two results put her in an excellent position towards qualifying for the 2018 Ironman Hawaii.


Dede Griesbauer made her mark on the race from the start, recording the fastest swim. While the American threw herself into the bike leg, Tine was wrapping up an outstanding swim. She jumped on the bike in fourth position, trailing by only 5:34. After 30 kilometers, she had already worked herself up to second place. Griesbauer, however, kept pushing hard and built up a lead of more than nine minutes. In the meantime, Piampiano had taken third place, just behind Tine. At the start of the marathon, it quickly became clear that Griesbauer did not have enough left. Every kilometer, her lead dwindled. Piampiano, running strong, caught her around kilometer 10, followed by Tine. While Griesbauer faded (and eventually had to give up the last podium place to Tisseyre), Piampiano was off for the win. Tine struggled and had to fight off cramps the entire final round. She was able to push through the pain to hold on to that second place.


And after all this, Tine enters her winter break ‘extremely tired but very happy’. “It might not look it, but this was a tough race. The course is flat, but the wind and season-end fatigue made it a hard one. I felt all week that my conditioning had faded. Which makes perfect sense, after such a long season. But I had come here for a strong result. My swim was actually excellent, but I didn’t feel great on the bike. And in the run, it got worse. My legs felt fluffy from the beginning. Towards the end I felt my calves cramping. At that point, it really became about surviving. I knew that if I stopped for a moment, I could lose my podium spot. So I kept going. I became stronger mentally this season. Keeping my goals in mind gives me the strength to push through the pain. It has resulted in an exceptional season, with victories in the races I wanted to do and an excellent starting point to qualify for next year’s Ironman Hawaii. So, yes, mission accomplished. I will drink to that. Starting right now, actually!”