29/10/2017: Tine has finished sixth in today’s Forte Village Challenge in Sardinia. Heather Wurtele (Canada) took the title. Laura Siddall (UK/Australia) and Marta Bernardi (Italy) completed the podium.

It has been a successful, but long season for Tine. And Sardinia made her feel it. Tine was doing well in the early stages of the swim, but after she (involuntarily) got slapped a few times by another swimmer, she had to stop for a second while a leading group took off. She came out of the water in ninth position, four minutes behind Santamaria. The Italian was followed by a chase group that included Heather Wurtele and Katrien Verstuyft. Tine was in a second group. Normally Tine can work her way to the front during bike leg. But her legs did not cooperate today, and neither did her bike. First, the chain fell off and then the big gear did not work. Tine was still able to move up a few spots, but she lost time on the top three. She started the run in sixth, nine minutes behind. That position remained unchanged in a half marathon she finished on willpower.

The Forte Village Challenge has long been on Tine’s schedule and that of the members of her team, the Marmotta Tribe. She absolutely wanted to do the race, even after a summer of tough races claimed her best shape. “I knew that after the races of these past months, my freshness and speed were gone. So I certainly can’t blame today’s result on mechanics. A podium spot was not in the cards for me today, I think. But of course it was frustrating not to be able to switch gears on a hilly course that requires you to switch constantly. I am just pleased that I pulled through. In the past, I might have given up. But today I still went all out in the run. I’m going to stay here for a few days and take some time off. Then I’m off for my last training block and the very last race of the year, Ironman Argentina.”