15/8/2017: Tine has won the 2017 Embrunman, possibly the toughest long-distance triathlon in the world. Tine completed the 3.8 km swim, 188 km bike leg climbing through the Alps and 43 km run in 10:51:14. Carrie Lester (Australia; 10:54:36) came in second, Charlotte Morel (France; 11:04:19) completed the podium. Tine has won all three of her summer races. In July, she took the Challenge Geraardsbergen and the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon titles. “I am so happy,” said Tine after the race. But she had to dig deep physically and mentally. “It hurt the entire time. This race really is so very tough.”

Tine kicked off the race with a strong swim, despite having to start in the pre-sunrise darkness. She came out of the water in fourth position, five minutes behind fastest swimmer Morel and one minute behind Menegon and Lester. In the bike leg, Tine quickly moved into second position. But she was not able to catch Morel. Was it was her legs not at 100% or the bike course? Either way, she had to scrap her plan to make her move in the bike leg. She started the marathon 6:30 behind Morel. Turns out Tine’s running legs were in outstanding form. In round one of three she overtook Morel. She never let go of that first place, despite a strong Lester and an upset stomach.

“What on earth was that? This race is so incredibly hard. Everything hurt, the entire time,” Tine summarized the Embrunman. “That is when it becomes a mental challenge too. Especially when Lester came charging. You just have to keep going and stay alert. I was so happy my partner/coach Pieter and so many Belgian fans were here. They made all the difference during the difficult and important moments. Even my forte, the bike leg, was hard work today. I didn’t feel as strong as I had hoped, but maybe it was the course. You twist and turn and climb and shift gears the entire time. I can’t say I did poorly on the bike, but I certainly did not feel as strong as I did in Alpe d’Huez. My run was great though. The run course was super tough. Three times up that steep hill. It is called ‘the wall’ for a reason. And then my stomach started acting up; I even had to take a toilet break. But the crowds make this a fun race. Even at 6 am, a ton of people showed up in the dark to cheer us on during the swim. That is so great. I am happy I finally got to do the Embrunman. This race was on my wish list for so long. I don’t know if I want to do it again next year though. It hurt so bad. It is going to take a while to recuperate. My goal is to do an Ironman race this fall to start collecting 2018 Kona points. Which race that will be, depends on my recovery. Let me get this one out of my system first.”