Post #im703marbella breakfast. I ❤️ triathlon.
Hola from the #im703marbella pro press conference. The big news is that the race has been moved up a day because of Sunday’s elections. So we will be racing tomorrow, starting at 7:40 am. See you on race day!
Another training day, another race recon today. This time the #imfrance course. IM France is my main goal this year, combined with #embrunman. Look for yourself, what is not to love? My goal: to win it for the 6th time. Better keep training!
Hello from Fréjus, home for a few weeks as I get ready for the rest of the season. Did a recon of the WC IM 70.3 course yesterday. It is tough! Just the way I like it. 💪🏻👍🏻 I do have to qualify first though, which I hope to do in the next couple of weeks. The WC are held on September 7.
Well Salou, that hurt. But the first race of the season always does. At least the body has been shaken out of its winter slumber. This is what it feels like to dig deep. 2019 has officially started. #im703marbella; here I come.
Aaaaand we’re back! A little post-Kona rest, a little New Year’s break, a little 2019 training, and before you know it, it’s April. Excited to get the 2019 season going in @challengesalou. Who is here too? See you at the start line tomorrow!
#imhawaii: smiling after clocking in her best time ever in Kona. Just as long as we don’t ask her to move 🙂
#imhawaii: she had to push through the pain, but she conquered the beast that is #imhawaii. Tine finishes 21st in a final time of 9:17:21.
#imhawaii: Tine running in 19th position at the 11k mark in the marathon.
#imhawaii: charging up that hill in 20th position 125 k into the bike leg.
#imhawaii: looking good in Kawaihae!
#imhawaii: first pass on the Queen K/Palani corner
And they’re off: Tine’s 2018 #imhawaii has officially started. An awesome swim would be about an hour. #tinedeckers4kona40
Kona, October 13 2018, sunrise. Athlete F33 is ready. #tinedeckers4kona40
Kona -0: I don’t yet know what #imhawaii will bring, but I do know I have another year of pro triathlon to look forward to, thanks to my main sponsors: @marmottaalpinhotel, @carglassdeutschland and, new since this year, Cordeel. I literally would not be able to do this without you. Thank you! #tinedeckers4kona40 #sponsorhighlight
Kona -1: no turning back now. Bike check-in with @marmottaalpinhotel buddy @rudyhoskens. With @wiliertriestina @sws_handbuilt_wheels @lazersport @lakecycling @kiwamitri @swisseye.benelux.distributor #tinedeckers4kona40
Look who I found at the pro briefing: @frevanlierde and @bartaernouts 😎 All Belgian #imhawaii pros in one picture. #tinedeckers4kona40
Kona -2: It’s getting real. Registration: check. Bib number: 33. #tinedeckers4kona40
#imhawaii bike porn, by @jamesmitchell5. Featuring @wiliertriestina, @sws_handbuilt_wheels, @lazersport, @lakecycling
Kona -3: photos from yesterday’s shoot with @jamesmitchell5 are in. Which means a proper look at my #imhawaii race suit by @kiwamitri #tinedeckers4kona40

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